January 21, 2020

VACANCY: Unpaid Carer. 365 days a year. 24/7 on call.

Written for my Dad. By Emma Terranova Davis, Co-Director and Founder of CFMB not for profit Ltd.

I have brand new vacancy… I really need to fill. I would love to get more care in… but I can’t afford the bill.

Social services say I have too much. I’m a little bit confused. If I use my savings, sell my house, and all that can be used...

What happens when it’s over? How will I survive? What was the point in working hard for our entire lives?

I’m only early 60s. This is burdening my health. Is the only way through this mess if you have a lot of wealth?

Anyway it’s all ok, I can apply for CHC... It’s NHS Funded care, not means tested luckily... You have to pass as complex to meet the 'eligibility'. But that won’t be a problem, with Huntington’s it's easy to see.

The 'armageddon of diseases. Notoriously vile. Not many families that fall out over it, ever reconcile.

It rips through generations A 50/50 chance You’ll be accused of being drunk thanks to the wobbly stance...

It’s cognitive impairment. Personality change too. Not to mention the emotional changes you will be put through...

Anyway, that’s not point I’ve got sidetracked easily I need a new unpaid carer. A-S-A-P

I’ve come to hit a brick wall, CHC has been declined. They say I can appeal but the time is hard to find.

I urgently need to fill my space 3-60-5 days a year.

No holiday, no break. It’s 24/7 on call here....

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