January 30, 2020

National Young Carers Awareness Day 2020

Graphic by @illustratedbyvictoria (Instagram)

It’s a day dedicated to recognising the little super hero’s holding families together in tough times. Below are the winners who captured my heart the most.

Wisdom is 14 years old, his dad has Huntington’s disease. Every day he looks after his dad’s emotional needs and puts him first. His mum said “He often chooses to put his life with his friends aside even when we push him not to. He never complains and fundraises for Huntington’s through various ways.

We are immensely proud of him”

Teagan is 16 years old but has cared for her grandad since she was 12. Since the start of his dementia and through times where aggression was high, Teagan never stepped back. She visited her grandparents daily after school so her Nan could go out. She’s been the peace maker and the diplomat.. standing in the rain to persuade her grandad to come back in the house. Teagan was nominated by her sister who said “To me, Teagan truly is a super hero. I can say, ashamedly, that I could not have done, and do what she has. She is incredible. At a time in her life when she should ultimately be being a selfish teenager, thinking of friends and dramas and - boys! She has pushed all of that aside and wants nothing more for Gramp and Nan to feel loved and safe and cared for”

Sophie is 10 years old and is an absolute inspiration, she takes care of her Mum and her 7 year old little brother who has Autism. Her Mum has severe Osteoarthritis, hypermobility and a number of other health conditions. She is wheelchair bound for the most part and often sick following a very serious pneumonia which left both lungs and kidneys damaged. Sophies mum said “Sophie is the absolute engine that keeps me going, from the physical things she does, such as helping me get washed and dressed, cooking dinner, making breakfast and school packed lunches, cleaning, helping with my medications, pushing my wheelchair, to the emotional aspects of care, playing board games in bed with me, putting on dance shows for me so I don't miss out, keeping her little brother entertained and always reassuring me that life gets better. She is a positive and loving little lady who works hard at school and deserves all the wonderful things there are in life. She never complains and always has a smile on her face”

Leilo is soon to be 12 and has been an incredible carer for his 9 year old brother who has ASC and ADHD. He also cared for his dad when he had cancer. His mum said “Leilo often misses out on having friends to the house to play, holidays or days out. Leilo plays ice hockey at a very high standard and it’s his escape from caring duties - he knows I can’t come and watch him play like others but he never ever complains” 

Harry, 6, and Bella-Rose, 5, are two super stars nominated by their mummy. Their Dad has Huntington’s disease and they’ve recently had to move out to accommodate changes to the house for their dads needs. Their mum said “They know their daddy won’t get better but they always bring us smiles and help with every day needs. They never complain and are so happy to be moving back home knowing that daddy is safe”.!

Rafael, 9, is a young carer to his brother (11) who has severe learning disabilities, uncontrollable epilepsy, autism, hyper mobility.....the list goes on. His mum said 

“Rafael is so special, the seizures he has witnessed, ambulances he’s called is horrific for an adult let alone him. He witnessed his brother stop breathing and was there to try and help me, collect the rescue meds and sats machine, bring the paramedics in. He is so kind and caring, breaks my heart what he has to put up with and help with but he’s always so positive, he’s a little hero”

Bella, 6, is a young carer for her Mummy who has Huntington’s disease. She’s a happy, free spirited girl with an incredible understanding for her Mums needs and safety. She’s independent, and always happy to see people. I am personally proud to know Bella and love that her and Rosa are friends. Bella was nominated by myself for being such a little super hero.

and last but certainly not least, the youngest of our winners. My little Rosa, 4 years old. At just 4 she has an incredible insight and intuition to her Nanny Jen’s needs. She is patient with her, and always wanting to help. Whether it’s picking her outfit (her favourite job), helping make food or give her a meal or drink. Rosa adores her Nanny and has grown up with a very special bond to her. Rosa brings so much joy to my Mum’s life. She was nominated by my Mums main carer Fran, who often has her as a little helper on shift!

well done kids, you’re ALL super hero’s to us.

lots of love, Emma and Catrin xx

Emma’s daughter Rosa. 4.
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