March 26, 2019

John, 70. HD+

John, 70. HD+.

I tested positive for HD in 2011. I have three surviving sisters; my brother was sadly HD+, and his son was affected by Juvenile HD.

2 of my 3 children (all adults), had tested gene positive for HD. I was divorced from their mother and remarried. Me and my wife had a step Grandson living with us. I tested so that they didn’t have to live with what my Mother and siblings had endured, without an explanation. 

My father was born in 1912; he was an ex professional solder and unfortunately, a drinker. In hindsight, a lot of behaviours would now be attributed to HD but in those days, there was little known about HD. He was prone to violent attacks on his family, everything had to be his way and, in his time, ‘supper at 20:45 or else’. He was arrested a few times because of his violent, drunken behaviour. It is because of these memories that I do not drink alcohol, or even frequent public houses. I had been estranged from my Father for several years and did not know he had died. My youngest sibling however had remained in contact with him, and following his death in 1987, aged 75 years old, I was shown his death certificate which has ‘Huntington’s Chorea’ written as attributing to his death.

On getting my results, which were not unexpected, I had a feeling of relief. At least I know where I stand and what I have ahead of me.

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