Who would you cycle 1000 miles for?

Inspired by an American family suffering with HD who cycled 3,000 miles across the US in 8 days, producing a film called The Longest Journey (available to download on Amazon), one man and his family have decided to extend the reach of their message by journeying the length of the UK with two teams of cyclists in just three days.

In May 2019 my Dad, husband, brother in law to be and three friends cycled for 24 hours a day and through the night, with two teams leapfrogging each other down the country 50 miles at a time. It came with challenges, and some of the guys got less than one hours sleep from the Sunday to the Wednesday, WHAT an achievement. See our facebook page for several videos of the event and the moment they cycled into Cheltenham and saw my Mum.

Our aim is to generate maximum possible impact by producing a film documenting their efforts alongside their personal story of Huntington’s disease. All of this is to raise awareness and important funds to support the ‘gene silencing’ research being conducted by UCL. So far we have SMASHED a 20K target and we’re still going! My Dad is doing motivational talks in companies and my sister and I continue to fundraise. The full documentary is being released May 2020.

You can contribute to this research using the following link:


If you can even donate £2, or the price of a coffee, it would mean the world to us.

You can also help support by following their journey on Instagram: