Lisa Smart Huntington’s Support Trust

Lisa Smart Huntington’s Support Trust is a service that offers confidential advice and support to people suffering from Huntington’s Disease and their families.

The need for our services is high as there isn’t much awareness or support currently available for families. Our target market are families that are affected by HD and those that need extra support or services.

Our products and services will aim to include:

*Support Groups

*Home Visits

*Providing Information Packs

*Making Grants for Personal Care

*Equipment and Home Adaptions

*Making Grants to Help Fund Research into a cure for HD.

Our vision, aims and objectives are to ensure we help as many families as possible in a caring, open, responsive and creative way. We want families to be able to come to us when they’re in need and feel that we can provide information using our own knowledge and knowledge from NHS guidelines.

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Registered in England & Wales: Company number: 12372906
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