About Us

Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.
Margaret Mead

What Do We Do?

Campaign For My Brain raises awareness of several neurological diseases, and we have no limit. We recognise the stigma, isolation, discrimination, and exclusion that sufferers and carers can continually feel. We also know the battle is constant, the battle for getting the care that is rightly due and needed. If you have a neurological disease you want us to raise the profile of, contact us now.

Along with educating and raising awareness, Campaign For My Brain will be running future projects aimed at making a change to the systems that define what care is needed. There are downloadable documents FREE to download in the useful resources section.

Why The Campaign Began

Campaign For My Brain was the brainchild of Emma. After years of protecting her Mum she believed she had to fight for what was right. The more she had to fight, the more saddened she felt about those who didn't know how to fight, or couldn't. The thought of watching her Mum going through her disease without the support and the correct care made Emma realise she couldn't let this happen to others. It was time for change; She doesn't care about budgets, or how long it will take to make these changes, she cares about equality. That was the start of Campaign for my brain.

Support Our Growth

This campaign started as a one man band, but within days Emma and Catrin came together, both having been equally affected by devastating neurological disease in their family, Huntington’s disease. Through networking and supporting, they have made some collaborative plans to start making projects happen and in March 2020 they went to Parliament to discuss with the Mp's about making changes to the system that are there to supposedly support disability. They hope that this is a small step in the right direction and will eventually make the big changes that are so badly needed.

All the campaigners are volunteers, passionate about making a change and improving lives. They all have families and full-time employment, welcoming any support that can be offered and would love to hear from you.

Want to get involved?

You can email us directly or join our online community on Facebook and Instagram. Just search for @campaignformybrain Join us on Facebook and Instagram.

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