What Do We Do?

Campaign For My Brain raises awareness of several neurological diseases, and we have no limit. We recognise the stigma, isolation, discrimination, and exclusion that sufferers and carers can continually feel. We also know the battle is constant, the battle for getting the care that is rightly due and needed. If you have a neurological disease you want us to raise the profile of, contact us now.

Along with educating and raising awareness, Campaign For My Brain will be running future projects aimed at making a change to the systems that define what care is needed. There are downloadable documents FREE to download in the useful resources section.

'It's in the family': Where it all began. Family is everything to me, Left to right: Kelly, (my big sister and founder of The Bees Knees.co); Tony my Dad and friend, or 'BIG TONE' as many local friends know him as; myself Emma; and finally my ever beautiful Mum, Jenny.

Photo from left to right: My sister Kelly, my Dad Tony, myself and my Mum Jennifer.

Why The Campaign Began

Hi, my name is Emma and Campaign For My Brain was my brainchild. Protecting my Mum has always been a driver for me fighting for what is right. The more I have had to fight, the more saddened I feel about those who don’t know how to fight, or cannot. The thought of my Mum going through her disease without me being able to obtain the care I have for her makes me feel sick to the pit of my stomach. I simply cannot stand by and let this happen to others. It is time for change; I don’t care about budgets, I don’t care about how long this takes, I care about equality. Read more about me and my journey in the ‘About Us’ section, or click here.

All large trees come from something that started small. Help us groew by showing your support, and help us make a change.

Support Our Growth

This campaign started as a one man band, but within days Emma and Catrin came together, both having been equally affected by devastating neurological disease in their family, Huntington’s disease. Through networking and supporting, we have made some collaborative plans to start making projects happen as early as January 2019. We are a group of volunteers, passionate about making a change and improving lives. We all have families and full-time employment, we welcome any support that can be offered and would love to hear from you.

Want to get involved?

You can email us directly or join our online community on Facebook and Instagram. Just search for @campaignformybrain, or simply click on the hyperlink on the right. Join us on Facebook and Instagram.